Comfort work

And so you grab in your pocket
put the key out of it to put it in the lock and
take a convenient seat to leave the place
where you used to stay to take the road that
wasn't driven before and you know it
that the road is long and dry and onerous
you're shure like never used before that the
road you choosed is worth
without regret you know

And so you watch out of the window
you see trees and hills and different valleys
and hundred things you watched a thousand times before
but never get impressed as real like the current
the Ground Lake (Lake Constance) or the baltic sea now
a different flight tonight
you gotta check the road check the light
the secret road you got tonight

You got the comfort work to
leave a bit of the world behind
you got the comfort drug and feel
like never felt before
you like to take the way (although)
the road is long and far
but someday you'll be back again
and you want be there with you